How I am spending my time

  1. Developing a career as a human-centered design professional. I’m currently Product Designer at, where I engage in user research, redesign crucial aspects of the customer experience and help develop a company culture centered around user needs.

  2. Drafting lessons to teach computer science fundamentals to children in Hispanic America, starting next March.

  3. Reading José Ignacio Cabrujas and surfing in Playa Venao, Panamá.

  4. Savoring life with family and friends.

My hand computer’s main screen

A screen we look at many times a day should reflect our priorities. This is what mine looks like right now.

This is my iPhone's current main screen.

Hand computer? Yeah, maybe we should call “smartphones” what they really are 😉.

This page

I last updated this page on February 28, 2017.

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